Data Analytics

Social Media Analytics

Drill into popular keywords, sentiment, and spikes in conversations to understand how an audience feels about your brand and competitors.

Text analytics

Analyzing unstructured and semi-structured text data for valuable insights, trends and patterns

Sentiment analysis

A method of analyzing text data to identify its intent. Understand whether a given text contains negative, positive, or neutral emotions

Web Application

Corporate Branding Website

Whether it is Single-page or Multi-page websites. Our finished products are guaranteed to deliver the best user flow and experience.

Responsive Design

Nothing frustrates users with incompatible and inconsistent digital experience.  It is one of our core values to design the best experiences across devices to create digital experiences that adapt to your user’s choice of screen’s sizes.

Content Management System

A Content Management System (CMS)  allows website owners to control and manage the content within your website with minimal technical expertise.

Multilingual Web Support

Having a website/mobile app that offers content in multi-language is crucial for serving global and diverse customers. We are experts in building multilingual products.

Mobile Application

We build mobile apps with cross-platform native development. Your mobile app will run smoothly on both IOS and Android systems

Website Revamp

Update user experience and user interface

Digital Solutions

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Be visible in search engine results and rank high to attract online visitors. We optimize your website with technical skills that no other competitors can match.


Search engine marketing (SEM) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising give your online business a quick boost.  We provide campaigns management and consultation.

Email Marketing

Strengthen your bond with customers or promote your products to potential clients. Email marketing is a highly effective method to drive conversion.

Customer Support

We are committed to helping our customers to solve problems and to deliver enjoyable customer experience. We work closely with clients from the start till the end of the design and development process.


We have been working with individuals and businesses of all sizes to build quality digital products and experiences. Believing each project is unique and must stand out from the rest, Hoopoe Technology produces quality final products that guarantee satisfaction.


We love to create and think outside the box. Our company culture encourages innovation and embraces challenges. Start your project today and let’s build something great together!


Hoopoe Technology builds digital products and creates brand experiences that represent you. Your product. Your company. Your audience.


Our insights for digital marketing trend

Why social media analytics?

“News of a great product can spread like wildfire. And news about a bad product — or a bad experience with a customer service rep — can spread just as quickly. Consumers are now holding organizations to account for their brand promises and sharing their experiences with friends, co-workers and the public at large.” Social media analytics helps companies address these experiences and use them to: Spot trends related to offerings and brands Understand conversations — what is being said...

5 Proven Ways to Attract New Customers

Customers are synonymous with sales and profits. However, regardless of the marketing strategies you use, sometimes you can be struggling with the specific strategy for attracting more customers to your business or keep them coming consistently. It is a frequent challenge among lots of online businesses and a major cause of discouragement and frustration to business owners. In this article, we want to bring you 5 proven ways to help you get more customers to your business. Find Out Where Your...

Digital Marketing : SEO 101

What’s SEO? In today's online world, SEO serves as an essential part of your digital marketing plan. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It involves content optimization and link building of websites to make it rank to the top of search engine results page (SERP) 1. Keyword Integration Keyword integration involves keyword selection and keyword density. Choose the relevant keywords based on the historical data track for each topic of your site,...

Why SEO and Google Ad should work together

Key points to take away from this article: Combining SEO and Ads is a new trend of digital marketing Higher revenue in general More long lasting promotion thus better long-term result Stay on top at your industry Become the game changer of online marketing Lots of business owners question whether to choose search engine optimization or google ads to help drive their online business and bring them the best result for revenue. The truth is both are necessary digital strategies to build a successful marketing campaign for...